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The Westgate/Belvedere Homes CRA is shifting focus from priority public infrastructure improvements to economic development and vertical redevelopment. The amended Community Redevelopment Plan outlines strategies for:

  • creating a sense of identity and arrival through place-making efforts;
  • addressing crime, chronic loitering, and property maintenance issues;
  • forging public-private partnerships to attract new investment into the area;
  • increasing workforce housing stock and promoting home ownership; and,
  • enhancing the community through events, open space, and public art.

The final draft of the amended Plan, approved by the CRA Board on June 12, 2017 and scheduled for adoption by the BCC on October 2017 can be downloaded below:

Westgate CRA Redevelopment Plan – Sections 1-5 FINAL

Westgate CRA Redevelopment Plan – Section 6 – Supporting Docs-Resolutions FINAL

Westgate CRA Redevelopment Plan – Section 6 – Maps 1 FINAL

Westgate CRA Redevelopment Plan – Section 6 – Maps 2 FINAL



The Westgate/Belvedere Homes CRA 2005 Community Redevelopment Plan is a vision developed from a community-wide charette process emphasizing infrastructure and neighborhood revitalization, while addressing future land uses which will provide for higher intensity/density development.

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